Day: May 2, 2022

Most important question, class 10, science, ch – 1

  1. Why is respiration exothermic?
  2. What are the products of respiration?
  3. Is burning of magnesium exothermic process?
  4. Is magnesium oxide acidic, basic or neutral?
  5. What is the colour of red litmus paper in Mg(OH)2?
  6. Why do we clean magnesium ribbon with sand paper?
  7. Why should we balance chemical equation?
  8. What happens when iron reacts with steam?
  9. Which acids are formed when SO2 and SO3 are dissolved separately in water?
  10. What is limestone?
  11. What is quick lime?
  12. What is slaked lime?
  13. What is lime water?
  14. What is the colour of NO2(g) ?
  15. Which compound of silver is used in photography?
  16. What happens when iron nails are put in copper sulphate solution?
  17. Which is more reactive, iron or copper?
  18. When two compounds exchange their ions to from two new compounds and one of them is insoluble is called………….reaction.
  19. What is rancidity?
  20. Why do we keep food in refrigerators?

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