importance of neuron part – 2

Myelinated nerve fibres are found in spinal and cranial nerves. Un-myelinated nerve fibre is enclosed by a Schwann cell that does not form a myelin sheath around the axon, and is commonly found in autonomous and the somatic neural systems.

  1. Define meristematic tissue.
  2. Where are the intercalary meristems located?
  3. What are the main functions of nervous tissue?
  4. Give example of some involuntary movements.
  5. Where are fats stored in our body?
  6. Write the difference b/w parenchyma and sclerenchyma.
  7. Write the function of ligament and tendon.
  8. How plant tissues are different from animal tissues? Write the difference in tabular form.
  9. Distinguish b/w blood and lymph.
  10. Differentiate b/w simple and complex tissue.