most important question

  1. With the help of neat labelled diagrams describe the various kinds of connective tissues.
  2. Describe various kinds of protective tissues in plants.
  3. List the different type of complex permanent tissues in plant. Give function of each also.
  4. What is cartilage? How is it different from bone?
  5. Draw a diagram of neuron and labelled it.
  6. Which one of the following is the correct definition of the tissues?  (a) Group of dissimilar cells which perform similar function  (b) Group of similar cells which perform similar functions. (c) group of similar cells which perform specific functions  (d) Group of dissimilar cells which perform different functions. 
  7. A long tree has several branches. The tissue that helps in the side ways conduction of water in the branches is: (a) collenchyma  (b) xylem parenchyma  (c) parenchyma  (d) xylem vessels 
  8. White blood corpuscles: (a) help in blood clotting  (b) help in transport of oxygen (c) are enucleated  (d) protect the body from diseases
  9. A person met with an accident in which two long bones of hand were dislocated.
  10. Name the two main types of plant tissues.  
  11. Water hyacinth floats on water surface. Explain. 
  12. Name the two types of vascular tissues. 
  13. How many types of element are present in the phloem? 
  14. Which among the following may be possible reason? (a) tendon break  (b) break of skeletal muscles  (b) ligament break   (d) Areolar tissue break 
  15. If you are provided with three slides, each containing one types muscles fibres, how will you identify them.