types of connective tissue proper

It holds various tissues together in any organ. it is further divided into three types:

  1. Areolar it is found below the skin, in kidney, testis/w and around the mussel.  It helps to hold various tissues together. These cells have Mast cells that concerned with the allergy.
  2. White fibrous tissues its matrix contain white fibres that make it inelastic. Sheets of these tissues are found to cover the bones, cartilage, kidney, etc. Bundles of these tissues called Tendons.
  3. Yellow fibrous connective tissues these tissues are very elastic. Sheets of these tissues cover up the blood vessels. Bundles of these tissues called ligament.
  4. Adipose tissuesit is modified Areolar tissues in which the cell becomes very large and become oval. Cells are called adipocytes.  It is found below the skin, around heart brain and below the eye balls. It helps in storage of food in the form of fats. It act as insulators and prevents loss of heat.