Day: June 29, 2022



In animals, the maturation of gonads and activity of spermatogenic tissue are also temperature dependent, which varies from species to species. In blow fly, Calliphora sericate, the number of eggs laid per Female, increases with increase in temperature upto 32.5(after which the number decreases. similarly, in chrotogonustrachypterus(an acridid insect),egg Laying increases from 25 to 300C.Thus,temperature also affects the fecundity(reproductive capacity)of animals. Similarly, an increase in temperature from 22 to 320C increases the egg laying about 20-30 times in Melanopussanguinipes.

Growth and Development: In Ostrea virginea, the length of body increases from 1.5 to 10.3 mm with an increase in temperature from 10 to 200C.

Thermoregulation and homeostasis: The birds and mammals have constant Body temperature and are called homeothermal or endothermic or warm blooded animals to deal with temperature extremes. This is achieved through evaporation of water from their bodies during summer and through Insulating action of fur, feathers, fats, etc.