Electric potential & Electric potential difference

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Electric potential defined as the amount of work done in bringing the unit + ve charge from infinity to a point in an electric field.

Electric potential difference

Electric potential difference or potential difference defined as the amount of work done in moving a unit +ve charge from one point to another point in an electric circuit.

                                                            V =W / Q

  • Here V is the potential difference, W is the work done, Q is the quantity of charge
  • S.I. unit of V is volt, W is joule & Q is coulomb.
  • Define one VOLT = Potential difference is said to be one volt if one joule of work is done in moving one coulomb of charge from one point to another point.

1volt = 1joule / 1coulomb

  • Potential difference is measured by Voltmeter. It has high value of resistance due to this voltmeter connect in parallel.

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