Important questions for Chapter 5 class 9 science

Important questions for Chapter 5 class 9 science

  1. The only cell organelle seen in prokaryotic cell is: (a) Mitochondrion(b) Ribosome (c) Plastids (d) Lysosomes

2. Ribosomes’ are associated with synthesis of (a) Fats  (b) Protein  (c) Carbohydrates (d) Vitamins

3. The membrane surrounding a vacuole in plant cell is known as: (a) Plasma membrane  (b) Nuclear membrane  (c) Tonoplast  (d) cell wall

4. What is the role of Ribosmes and Golgi body?

5. What is the importance of nucleus?

6. Write an activity showing osmosis.

7. What is ATP? Write its full form.

8. Why lysosomes are called ‘suicidal bags?

9. What is cell theory? Who formulated it?

10. Draw the structure of mitochondria

11. What are cell organelles? Write the names of different cell organelles.

12. If the organelle is removed from the cell, what effect is it going to make on the functions of the cell?

13. Which structure is called ‘Power house of the cells?

14. Which is popularly known as ‘suicidal bag’? (a) Ribosomes (b) Lysosmes (c) Mesosmes (d) Cell membrane

15. The site of cellular respiration is (a) Golgi apparatus (b) Nucleus  (c) Stomata  (d) Mitochondrion

16. Amoeba acquires its food through a process, termed (a) Exocytosis (b) endocytosis (c) Plasmolysis (d) Exocytosis & endocytosis both

17. Who proposed that ‘all cells arise from pre – existing cell? (a) Schledien (b) purkinjie(c) Robert Brown (d) Rudolf Virchow.

18. Define unicellular and multicultural organisms. Give examples

19. What is ‘division of labour’ in multicellular organisms?

20. What is nucleoid? How in is different from the nucleus of eukaryotic cell?

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