Most important question for class 9 science chapter tissue

Most important questions for chapter tissue class 9 science

  1. Define meristematic tissue.
  2. Where are the intercalary meristems located?
  3. What are the main functions of nervous tissue?
  4. Give example of some involuntary movements.
  5. Where are fats stored in our body?
  6. Write the difference b/w parenchyma and sclerenchyma.
  7. Write the function of ligament and tendon.
  8. How plant tissues are different from animal tissues? Write the difference in tabular form.
  9. Distinguish b/w blood and lymph.
  10. Differentiate b/w simple and complex tissue.
  11. With the help of neat labelled diagrams describe the various kinds of connective tissues.
  12. Describe various kinds of protective tissues in plants.
  13. List the different type of complex permanent tissues in plant. Give function of each also.
  14. What is cartilage? How is it different from bone?
  15. Draw a diagram of neuron and labelled it.
  16. Name the two main types of plant tissues.  
  17. Water hyacinth floats on water surface. Explain. 
  18. Name the two types of vascular tissues. 
  19. How many types of element are present in the phloem? 

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