Sources of energy (part – 1)

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Energy defined as the capacity to do work. By the process of eating we provide us energy to do various life activities such as walking, writing, breathing, etc. A source of energy is that which is capable of providing enough useful energy at a steady rate.

A good source of energy should be

  • Safe and convenient to use: nuclear energy can be used only by highly trained engineers with the help of nuclear power plants. It cannot
  • Easy to transport: coal, petroleum, LPG, etc.
  • Easy to store: LPG, diesel, etc

Classification of sources of energy

Renewable sources of energy

These are those which are inexhaustible i.e. which can be replaced as we use them and used to produce more energy again and again. It is estimated that it provide 10% energy of world energy requirement. Such as: solar energy, wind energy, water energy, etc.


  • These sources will last as long as the earth receives light from the sun.
  • These sources are freely available in nature.
  • They do not cause pollution.

Non-renewable sources of energy

These are those which are exhaustible and cannot be replaced once they have been used. These sources accumulated in nature over a long period of time. Such as: coal, oil, natural gas, etc.


Classification of sources of energy helps us to differentiate which non-renewable sources of energy need to conserve for future generation.

  • Certain sources are non-renewable has compelled us to look for alternative sources of energy which in turn has accelerated the pace of technologies suitable for harnessing new sources of energy.


  • Due to their extensive use, these sources are fast depleting.
  • These are major cause of environmental pollution.

Conventional and non-conventional sources of energy

  • Conventional sources of energy are those which are used extensively and meet a major portion of our energy requirement. Such as: fossil fuels and hydro-energy (energy of flowing water)
  • Non-conventional sources of energy are those which are not used as extensively as the conventional ones. They meet our energy requirement only at a small scale. Such as the solar energy, nuclear energy, etc.

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