Chapter 7

Respiration part – 1


The process of releasing energy from food is called Respiration. It involves taking in O2 into the cells, using it for releasing energy by burning food and then eliminated the waste products from body of human. It is essential process for life because it provides energy for carrying out the entire organism alive.

Breathing and Respiration

  • The mechanism by which organism obtain O2 from air and release CO2 is called as breathing. While respiration includes breathing and oxidation of food in cells of organism to release energy.
  • Breathing is physical process while respiration is a biochemical process that requires many enzymes.
  • Breathing involves with the lungs. While the respiration involves with the mitochondria of cells where food is oxidised.
  • Respiration is just opposite to the photosynthesis. Because photosynthesis makes food by using CO2, water and sunlight and releasing O2 where as respiration breaks food (like glucose) by using O2 and release CO2, water and energy.
  • Energy produced during respiration is stored in the form of ATP molecules in the cell of body of human.
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