important question for class 10, Science part – 3

  1. Write any three differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration. (HOTS) NCERT Exemplar, NCERT) (AI 2008, Delhi 2005C,04C)
  2. What are stomata? Draw a labelled diagram of stomata. Write two functions of stomata.                                                     
  3. Draw a diagram of human alimentary canal showing duodenum, small intestine, liver and pancreas.                                                  
  4. Name the three kinds of blood vessels of human circulatory system. Write the function of each.                                                       
  5. Draw a diagram of the front view of human heart and label any six parts including at least two,  that are concerned with arterial blood supply to the heart muscles.                                                           
  6. How do plants obtain food? What are the two phases of photosynthesis?
  7. Write short notes on assimilation of proteins.
  8. Explain the process of digestion of food in mouth, stomach and small intestine in human body.                                             
  9. Name the main organs of the human digestive system in the order they participate in the process of digestion. Describe how digestion of carbohydrates and proteins take place in our body. (HOTS) (AI 2004C)
  10. Explain various digestive glands present in man.