What is Effect of Evolution of O2

Oxygen proved toxic for most of anaerobic organisms and was killed. Only those survived which started using oxygen in oxidising their food(sugars) to derive maximum energy and become aerobes. So the molecular Oxygen proved to be first major toxic pollutant. An ozonosphere was developed which acted as radiation belt and prevented the entry of high energetic UV- radiation in earth’s atm.

Site of Origin of Life

Site of origin of life is water because water has some unique properties

  • Water is liquid between 4 and 900C
  • Water is sable compound and does not decompose easily. Act as a suitable Medium.
  • Water gives protection from thermal shock Act as thermal buffer.
  • Complex compounds are formed by dehydration & synthesis.
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Organic Evolution

Primitive life was produced in the water bodies in reducing conditions from non-living materials by the chemical evolution. It was explained by The A-I-Oparin in his book Origin of Life and was the supported by J-B-S-Haldane Later this chemical evolution was replaced by organic evolution.

Term organic evolution was given by the Charles Darwin –which states present complex plant and animals have evolved from earlier simpler Form of life by the gradual changes. According to organic evolution unicellular organism evolved into the simpler multicellular organism like invertebrates which in turn evolved into complex multicellular Organism like the fishes that evolved into amphibians which gradually changed into reptiles from which birds & mammals have evolved. In this way numerous varieties of the living organisms have been produced over millions of years.