Heredity and Evolution (part – 3)

Some examples that show variation

People have different heights. Their complexion, type of hair, Colour of eyes, shape of nose and shape of chin also show differences. The differences in the characters (or traits) among the individuals of a species in called variation.

Human height is a trait which shows variation. This is because some people are very tall. Some are less tall, some have medium height some have short height whereas others are very short.

Here is another example of variations in human beings which involves our ears. The lowest part of our ear is called earlobe. In most of the people, the earlobe is hanging and it is called free earlobe.

In some people, however, the earlobe is closely attached to the side of the head and it is called attached earlobe. Thus, most people have free earlobes whereas some people have attached earlobes. So the free earlobes and attached earlobes are the two variations found in human population.