Health and Disease (part – 1)

Health is a state of Complete physical, Mental and social well being. It define The perfect balance between environment and body.

Characteristics of Health

  1. Free from sickness & diseases.
  2. Free from unnecessary anxiety.
  3. Free from social and psychological tensions.
  4. Self Confidence
  5. Ability to work efficiently and at his best.

Factors Affecting Health

  1. Environmental factors.- light, Temp, natural disasters, soil ,type, rainfall etc
  2. Social Environmental factors.- job, condition, Housing condition family  atm. and relationship.
  3. Regular exercise & yoga.
  4. Balanced diet.
  5. Personal hygiene that includes self-cleanliness by developing clean habit.

Types of Diseases

  1. Congenital diseases

Tere are inborn diseases which are present from the birth.These are generally inheritable e.g.

i)Diseases caused by gene mutation Haemophilia, colour blindness etc.

ii)Diseases caused by #al mutation.

Down,s Syndrome, klinefelter,s syndrome etc.