metal & non-metal class 10 questions

  1. Name the property due to which metal produces sound?
  2. Cans of cold drink are made up of which metal?
  3. Metal used in making chapatti wrappers and medicine cores is.
  4. Which metal alloy is used for making pressure cooker? Why?
  5. Why are non metals brittle?
  6. Na2O and MgO are…………..oxides.
  7. What are amphoteric oxides?
  8. AL2O3 reacts with HCL or NaOH or both?
  9. Why do Cu, Ag, Au, Hg not displace H2 from dilute acids?
  10. What type of compounds conduct electricity in molten state?
  11. Do all minerals are ores?
  12. How is haematite ore concentrated?
  13. How are sulphide ores converted into oxides?
  14. What is thermite process?
  15. Why anode is called oxidation electrode?
  16. Why is solder used for welding electrical wires
  17. Why are electrical wires covered with PVC?
  18. Which colour is imparted by CaCL2 in flame?
  19. Give one use of hydrogen gas.
  20. What is meant by galvanisation and find out its application in your daily life?
  21. What is meant by 18 carat gold plated jewellery?
  22. What is the valency of silicon with atomic number 14 ? (Foreign  2010)
  23. Arrange the following metals in a decreasing order of activity. Na, k, Cu, Ag           (Foreign  2009)
  24. Which of the following two metals will melt at body temperature (37.c)?  (Delhi 2008C)?
  25. An element X, on reacting with oxygen forms an oxide X2O. This oxide dissolves in water and turns blue litmus red. State whether element  X  is metal or a non-metal.