class 9 science chapter 5 important questions

  1. Name the cell organelles which is called suicidal bag of the cell.
  2. Which cell organelles are termed as power house of cell?
  3. Name the cell organelles that have double layered enveloped system.
  4. Who proposed the fluid mosaic model?
  5. Who coined the term cell?
  6. Name the scientist who proposed the cell theory and who gave the idea that the cells arise from pre-existing cell.
  7. Give two example of unicellular organism.
  8. Name the longest cell of human body.
  9. Name the membrane that covers the vacuoles.
  10. What will happen when human RBC placed in hypertonic solution?
  11. Name the carrier protein that helps in transport of material across the material.
  12. Where are the genes located?
  13. Name the source of illumination in electron microscope.
  14. Give full form of ATP.
  15. Define cell.