Most important questions For class 10

most important questions for class 10, life process

  1. State any one difference between autotrophic and heterotrophic modes of nutrition.  
  2. Name the process in plants where water is lost as water vapour. (AI 2010)
  3. Why do aquatic animals breathe faster than the terrestrial animals?  (CBSE Sample paper 2009)
  4. What will happen to a plant if its xylem is removed?                 
  5. Name the tissue which transports soluble products of photosynthesis in a plant.  
  6. What is the mode of nutrition in human beings?      
  7. What is the role of saliva in the digestion of food?   
  8. Name the tissue which transport water and mineral in a plant.                (Delhi 2008)
  9. How do autotrophs obtain CO2 and N2 to make their food?    
  10. Which enzyme present in saliva breaks down starch?
  11. Name the excretory unit of a kidney.                                       
  12. Name the mode of nutrition in Amoeba.          
  13. Name the respiratory organs of animals like fish that live in water.               (Delhi 2005C)
  14. Write the mode of nutrition in fungi.                                     
  15. Name the vestigial part of human alimentary canal.     
  16. Name two photosynthetic pigments belonging to chlorophyll.
  17. What is photolysis of water?
  18. Name the only natural process that gives out oxygen for respiration of all living organisms.
  19. What is NADPH?
  20. What are the functions of saliva?
  21. State one function of the mucus membrane inside the nasal passage.
  22. What are the end products of respiration?
  23. What are the end products of fat digestion?
  24. Why is the rate of photosynthesis more during a bright sunny day as compound to a cloudy day?
  25. What is transpiration?