Natural gas, class 10th

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Natural gas is formed under the earth by decomposition of vegetable matter lying under water. It is an important fossil fuel and is usually found underground near an oil source. It is lighter than air and mixture of methane (95%), ethane propane & butane.

  • It occurs deep under the earth crust just above the petroleum deposit. It is environment friendly fuel. CNG is a good alternative in comparison of petrol and diesel. Largest reservoir for natural gas is Soviet Union.

Use of natural gas

  • It is used as industrial fuel.
  • It is used as fuel in thermal power plants to generate electricity.
  • It has been a source of hydrogen in the manufacture

Pollution caused by the fossils fuel

  • It produces the acidic gases such as sulphur-di-oxide and nitrogen oxide.
  • It produces large amount of carbon-di-oxide which goes into the air.
  • The burning of coal leaves lots of ash.

Non-conventional sources of energy

  1. Wind energy

The energy possessed by wind due to its high speed is called wind energy. Traditional use of wind energy has now been modified by improvement in technology to generate electricity through wind power generator.

USES: It is used to pump water & To generate electricity.

Merits of wind energy

  • Its use does not cause any pollution.
  • It is renewable and sustainable source of energy.