Most important question for class 10, part – 2

  1. What is translocation?
  2. What is a guard cell?
  3. Name the U-shaped tubule of nephron.
  4. Name the cells where CO2 is converted into carbohydrates.
  5. Name the structure of the kidney where glomerulus are enclosed.
  6. What is a sphygmomanometer?
  7. Give one functional difference between RBC and WBC.
  8. Why is blood called a liquid connective tissue?
  9. Point out differences between an artery and a vein.     
  10. What is the role of HCL in protein digestion?        
  11. Give two protein digesting enzymes of pancreatic juice with their action.
  12. Define nutrition. What are the different modes of nutrition?
  13. What are the functions of stomach?
  14. What are the functions of small intestine?
  15. What is bile? What are its constituents?
  16. Give the common features of respiratory organs of animals.
  17. Which enzyme initiates the digestion of proteins? Name the other enzyme produced by the same gland.
  18. What is dental caries?
  19. Why leaves become yellow in the absence of light?
  20. List the components of blood.
  21. What is the structural difference between the auricles and ventricles?
  22. What are the different constituents or substances present in plasma?
  23. How is the small intestine designed to absorb digested food?
  24. How are the lungs designed in human beings to maximise the area for exchange of gases?                                                                             
  25. What is double circulation in human beings? Why is it necessary?  (HOTS) NCERT, Delhi 2008C)