Are you know about Resistance against biotic stresses

Biotic stresses have been responsible for losses in crop yields. The plant protection practices that have been used in the past to protect crops from these losses have reached a pollution level, which has become a major concern for environmentalist. Therefore production of Crop resistant to biotic stresses including weeds, insects, viruses and other pathogens was the first priority in the crop biotechnology.

Significant benefit have already been derived from commercialization of these crops that are resistant to biotic stresses major benefits in USA alone are estimated to be billions of dollars every year.

Herbicide resistant Transgenic Plant

Due to increasing concern about contamination of environment by herbicides, new herbicides are being developed that are safer and biodegradable. This has necessitated the development of resistance in crop plants against this new and safer herbicides. Herbicides normally affect processes like photosynthesis or biosynthesis of essential amino acids. Two approaches have therefore been used for the development of herbicide resistant plants.
First approach, we try that either the target molecules should become insensitive to herbicide or the target protein should be over produce.
In second approach a pathway is introduced that will detoxify the Herbicide.