What are importance of POULTRY FARMING

Poultry is the branch of animal husbandry concerned with rearing For birds for eggs and meat. Egg-laying birds are called layers while meat yielding birds are called broilers It includes chickens (fowls) ducks, geese, turkeys, Guinea-fowls, pea fowls, pigeons and quails. Among these, fowls are most widely Domesticated birds in India. The practice of raising poultry for eggs and meat is called poultry farming.

  1. Importance: Poultry farming helps to raise the nutritional standard by supplying meat and eggs. Liquid egg consists of 36% yolk, 64% proteins. In India, annual broiler production and egg production in the year 2000 was700 million birds and 33 billion eggs respectively. India is the 5th largest country in the world in poultry production after China, Former USSR, USA and Japan.
  2. Poultry Breeds:

Aseel breed: It provides high yield of meat (as average weight of cock is 4 to 5 kg while that of hen is 3 to 4 kg) but is not a good layer. It has four varieties. Peela(golden red) yakub (black and red) nuri (white) and kajal (black).

White Leghorn: It is a good layer exotic breed and produces large sized white eggs. It is small sized and needs less feed in comparison to indigenous breeds But is not ideal for meat.

Rhode Island Red: It was developed on the farm of Rhode Island in U.S.A. It is a dual purpose breed. It is a good egg layer and also meat yielding breed.

  • Poultry care: Maintenance of temperature and hygienic conditions in poultry housings, Proper poultry feed and water.
  • Disease control
  • Ectoparasites like lice, mites and ticks can be controlled by spraying insecticides like malathione.
  • Endoparasites like Taenia (tape worm) and round worms can be controlled by wormicides.
  • Protozoan diseases like coccidiosis can be treated with sulphadruge.
  • Bacterial diseases can be treated by sulphadruge and antibiotics.

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