what is Collenchyma

Collenchyma is made up of living cells which are usually elongated with thick corners. There is absence of intercellular spaces in this tissue. Few chloroplasts are present in the cell of Collenchyma. The Collenchyma occurs in layers below the epidermis in dicotyledonous plants.

It consists of cells which are much thickened at the corners due to a deposition of cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin. These cells assimilate food when they contain chloroplasts. Inter cellular spaces are absent. They provide mechanical support to the growing parts of the plant such as young stem and petiole of a leaf.

  1. It provides mechanical strength to young dicot stem, leaves etc.
  2. It also provides flexibility to the organ and allows their bending.
  3. It prevent tearing of leafs.

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