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Should Bananas refrigerated or not

Fruit is living thing even after it is plucked. it carries out all the metabolic processes which it is used to perform while still attached to the parent plant. the shelf life of fruit can be increased if the rate of the metabolic activities can be reduced. refrigeration is one such method but the low temperature for each fruit is different below which its receive damages is known as a Chill injury. Banana being highly chill sensitive can be refrigerated at 13 degree Celsius the domestic refrigeration have a temperature range of about 0 to 7 degree Celsius and hence the banana cannot be refrigerated in them but the commercial food storage units have a facility of setting and maintaining it is at low temperature where even the banana can be stored


osteoporosis is a disease in which bone losses Minerals and fibres from its a matrix. individuals who are under the prolonged treatment of cortisone, are prone to bone loss, leading to osteoporosis. major causative factor of osteoporosis are imbalances of hormones like calcitonin of thyroid, parathormone of parathyroid gland and sex hormones and deficiencies of calcium and Vitamin D.


Hypoglycemia occurs when the blood glucose level Falls below normal, theoretically, it may be caused by an excess of insulin, a deficiency of glucagon or a failure of the secretion of the two hormones to completely regulate the blood sugar. some individuals have been found to have few or no Alpha cell and there are deficient in glucagon, whereas others produce excess quantity of insulin usually because of a tumor of the Beta cells. the presence of excess insulin is more correctly referred to as hyperinsulinism symptoms of hypoglycemia include weakness, profuse sweating, irritability, confusion and unconsciousness and convulsions it needs argent intake of sugar or glucose.


this term first given by Karlson and Butanandt in 1959. pheromones are secreted by exocrine glands of the skin and are poured on the surface of the skin hence they called as ectohormones. smell of these substances affect the mutual behavior of members of a species.


Bleaching powder is a calcium oxy-chloride and chemical formula is CaOCl2 also called chloride of lime.


  1. It is white powder that has strong smell of chlorine.
  2. It is soluble in cold water.
  3. CaOCl2  +  H2SO4     produce    CaSO4  +  Cl2  +  H2O
  4. The real bleaching agent is Cl2 that change colour of hair black to brown.


  1. It is used for disinfecting drinking water supply that make water germ free.
  2. It is used for manufacture of chloroform (CHCl3).
  3. It is used for making wool un-shrinkable.
  4. It is used for facial and also used in textile industries.

Redox Reaction

these are those reactions in which both oxidation and reduction take place are called Redox reaction.

Oxidation:  Addition of oxygen/Removal of Hydrogen Reduction: Addition of Hydrogen/Removal of Oxygen